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Communities and the Learning Diary

We've been busy working on some exciting improvements to Communities this week.

We wanted an easy way to react to a post rather than type out a comment. The "like" concept is pretty widespread now, so instead of reinventing the wheel we decided this was a good option. We also added a few other reactions, so if you just want to show you found something funny or shocking you can say that too. Facebook added a similar feature a few months ago, although we prefer our icons ??


Like and Learning in Communities

Learning Diary integration

Reacting to posts is great, but the most powerful new feature is the ability to capture learning from Communities straight into your Learning Diary. You can even see how many other people have added a learning entry from a post!

Learning entry count

When you click the "Add to Learning Diary" button, we take you to your Learning Diary with a few of the boxes already filled in for you. If you then come back to the entry you created in the future, you can then see a link to the community post that you created the entry from. Handy huh?

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Thursday 23 June 2016