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Crowd sourcing learning

Last week we launched the FourteenFish Library.

One of the reasons we are excited about Library is that we think it completes our circle of learning suite offerings. When we talk about this circle we mean taking a knowledge test or watching a module then capturing that learning into the Learning Diary.

The Learning Diary is the centre of FourteenFish and our main focus is making the recording of learning SUPER EASY. To this end we are adding learning point ideas to Library modules. This is not to produce your learning or reflection for you or to cheat in anyway but we believe that by making recording learning easy it adds value to learning and reflection.

Creating learning ideas

Our first plan was to ask the module presenters to add some learning ideas for their modules. Then we realised it is not always easy to describe learning points as an expert. Next I planned to add the learning ideas myself but that would only be my intepretation. Why not crowd source the learning ideas?

Crowd sourcing

This builds on our sharing Learning that is the foundation of Communities. When you now record learning against a Library module you will be asked whether you are willing to share this with colleagues. Some of the learning ideas will then be added to a brief, simple list for ideas on the Library module itself. 

Please let us know your thoughts on this or if you would like anymore information Contact Us


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Wednesday 15 June 2016