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FourteenFish Promotional Pack

Recently we reached over 20,000 users and we are now at nearly 23,000!

Although word of our Appraisal Toolkit seems to be spreading far and wide people have been asking for some information about our system and tools to share with colleagues and friends.

We are very grateful to anyone who wishes to do this and wanted to provide some resources to help. Although our toolkit can be used by Practice Managers, Hospital Doctors and Dentists we have created just two short resources to get you started, one for Nurses and the other for GPs.

You can download them as PDFs from this blog post and use however you like, printed out in the office, projected on a screen, emailed to colleagues, entertainment at a children’s birthday party, part of a best man's speech, the list is endless.    

We hope you find these documents useful and if you have any feedback or recommendations for more resources we would love to hear from you, just send us an email to

Download the promotional packs (PDF files)

Promotional pack for GPs      Promotional pack for Nurses and Midwives

Thank you and happy sharing!

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Thursday 7 December 2017