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We have always believed in our ethos of by GPs for GP and continually look for ways of making life easier for you as a working GP. We are therefore excited to announce our new partnership with NB Medical Education.  

NB Medical Education are the well-respected providers of the “Hot Topics” GP Update Course with over 20,000 healthcare professionals attending their courses each year. They share the same passion for primary care, and they are dedicated to helping busy GPs, Nurses, AHPs and Trainees practice evidence-based medicine in an easy time-efficient way.

Between us, we've created a two-way link between the NB CPD Tracker and the FourteenFish Portfolio. This is simple to activate, and there is even an "Auto-sync" option which will continually sync your entries to FourteenFish.

£25 discount on NB Plus  

NB Medical Education are offering all FourteenFish customers* a £25 discount on their annual NB Plus subscription package which includes access to all their live and on demand courses as well as CPD modules, discounted reference books and appraisal essentials. 

15% off your FourteenFish appraisal subscription

NB Medical customers will now get 15% off the FourteenFish appraisal toolkit, taking the annual cost down from £42 to just £35.70. 

To access your discounts, you just need to link your NB Medical and FourteenFish accounts...

Linking your accounts

To enable automatic syncing of your CPD to your FourteenFish account and access your discounts, first log in to your NB Dashboard and then go to the CPD Tracker. There you will find a new button which will activate the link to your FourteenFish account.

Once you've done this, you can then find your personal NB Plus discount code* in your FourteenFish account. Just go to My account and then to the Linked accounts page.

Your 15% appraisal toolkit discount will be applied automatically to your next payment once you have linked your accounts.

Link your accounts now


* To qualify for the £25 NB Plus discount, you need to have made an appraisal toolkit purchase from FourteenFish in the last 12 months. If you want to sign up now to both NB Plus and our Appraisal Toolkit, first link your accounts as described above and then pay for your appraisal subscription on FourteenFish. This will then activate your NB Plus discount code on the Linked Accounts page of your FourteenFish account.