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The GP Locum Agency have been in operation since 2013. We cover the entire Uk and occasionally have different and interesting roles for example a GP on a film set, a GP escorting a group of veterans to a D Day memorial or perhaps a month’s placement in a remote Island.

We work hard to make sure we place the right GP with the right client. Having said that we listen to our GP’s so if we do place you somewhere you didn’t feel comfortable in and do not wish to return to then we make sure this is noted. We are a smallish personable team always ready to have a chat on the phone. No smart app’s with us, although I can’t promise this will not happen in the future, it’s a fast paced world but even if we do ‘grow’ an app we will always be available on the end of a phone.

Every GP is different, and we understand this, every client is different, and we do our upmost to match clients and GP’s together to meet both requirements. We manage our GP’s booked session from confirming to obtaining time sheets to making a quick payment to you. We will send you reminders of sessions booked with us.

Genuine rates and genuine roles managed by genuine people.

Whether you are an experienced Locum GP or a newly qualified GP we are confident you will not receive a better service than we can give.

GP Locum Agency members receive a 10% discount on the FourteenFish appraisal toolkit - contact our support desk for details.

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