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NB Medical – our latest partner

Automatic two-way syncing of your NB Medical CPD to your FourteenFish Account

15% Appraisal Toolkit discount for NB Medical customers

£25 discount on your annual NB Plus subscription for FourteenFish customers

NB Plus gives you 12 months unlimited access to all NB Medical's live and on-demand course webinars, reference books, CPD and Appraisal Essentials. All your annual CPD together in once place.

“Pass the RCA” package – updated for September 2021

This package is specifically designed to get you through the RCA. We have developed a series of videos that will take you through all aspects of the exam, how to maximise your score, and how to focus your revision..

Dr Mark Coombe was the deputy lead of the group that set up the RCA in July 2020. He has been an examiner for the MRCGP for over 20 years, and has helped thousands of candidates through various consulting skills exams.

Updated for September 2021 to reflect the new changes to the RCA exam.

Thinking of switching Appraisal Toolkits?

At only £42 per year and with our team standing by to help you make the switch, you can join thousands of other GPs and move to FourteenFish. RCGP members get a further 30% discount.

New medical appraisal format

The new "rebalanced" appraisal format is available now on FourteenFish, and any preparation you've already done will be moved over automatically.

The perfect time to switch

With your next appraisal being quite different to before, now is a great time to move to FourteenFish if you haven't done so already. Just upload your previous appraisal summary to the Switch to us page and we will do the rest.

Find out more

Find out more about the changes, and whether you should switch to the new format. Go to our blog

Here’s what people are saying about us

Slick and intuitive. Appraisals couldn't be any easier.

Lovely, easy to use. Adore the learning log app. Out of all the toolkit options this is the best for myself as an appraisee & appraiser.

Great to have, at last, a GP-friendly appraisal tool and the Portfolio is genius.

I have just signed off my pre appraisal documentation, and this has been even smoother than previous years. I like the improvements to the PDP. I am also an appraiser and refer this platform above others, thank you.

Thank you for creating a common sense appraisal toolkit which reduces the workload and sticks to the key elements needed in a straight forward way.

Fourteenfish has made doing appraisals so much easier. I have the portfolio app and, since I started using it, I know longer have the annual appraisal dread! I would recommend to all GPs.

This is my 3rd appraisal using the Fourteenfish Toolkit which has been amazingly improved each year and now so simple to use. Great value for money: I could not be more happy! The Patients Survey and MSF are easy to set up and results promptly received. Most helpful.

Brilliant system! Highlighted warnings etc were very helpful to prevent missing data and the whole system was far less 'clunky'. Far superior to MAGMAF used previously – thank you.

Thank you so much Dr Mark Coombe and team, I am overjoyed to let you know that I passed my AKT exam. I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you so much.

Average rating 4.7 stars (out of 524 ratings).  Read more reviews including the negative ones.

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